Daub Supply México - Términos & Condiciones de la Marca


You can only buy products that are available online, all our prices are in national currency, with tax included once you have chosen the products you want to buy, these will be included in the shopping cart, in which case, you must select the option see cart, where you can modify your order, if you are sure of the purchase, select the final purchase option, where you must fill in with personal data, delivery address after selecting the payment option you want once your data has been entered, check that everyone is correct and complete, since this depends on the success of your product. Orders are shipped as is, the product was selected at the time of purchase, our system can not make changes, so we ask to CAREFULLY CHECK your order. Once the purchase is completed, you will receive an email from us, in approximately 24 hours with the information of your purchase. Once we have confirmed the money in our account, the order is sent to your address. (Review Shipping Policies below). For any questions or clarification of your purchase write to: contacto@daubsupply.com. In case of having discount coupons they must be entered just at the time of purchase and only from a discount coupon can be used per purchase.

The shipment is specified when confirming the purchase of your product. They are made to any part of the Mexican Republic, the delivery time varies depending on the destination, it takes approximately 2 - 4 days. The delivery service only includes the Mexican Republic. Once your purchase and your payment have been confirmed, we will send you an email with the guide number. We are not responsible for theft or loss of the package during the trip of your package, the shipping company is responsible for shipping problems or situations, we will do our best to provide you with the best service. A maximum of 2 attempts are made to deliver your order by the parcel, in case of not having an answer or not receiving the package your order is returned to our offices and you will have to pay a new shipment.

  • Transferencia electrónica/Depósito bancario:

  • Si tu pago es vía transferencia o deposito favor de enviar comprobante de pago al correo contacto@daubsupply.com , una vez reflejado el pago en nuestra cuenta, te enviaremos un correo electrónico confirmando pago y otro correo con el número de guía con el cual viaja tu pedido.

  • Pago con OpenPay Tarjeta de débito / Tarjeta de crédito:

  • Una vez realizada tu compra recibirás un correo electrónico con tu número de orden para confirmar tu pedido. Openpay es nuestro intermediario para pagos electrónicos, deberás contar con una cuenta OpenPay ligada a tu tarjeta de débito o crédito Visa o MasterCard. Una vez reflejado el pago en nuestra cuenta, te enviaremos un correo electrónico confirmando pago y otro correo con el número de guía con el cual viaja tu orden.

  • Pago en Oxxo:

  • Deberás imprimir el código de barras para acudir a pagar a tu tienda elegido ya sea OXXO, con un cargo extra de $9.00 pesos únicamente, por seguridad recomendamos conservar el código de barras y el ticket de compra que se te proporcionará la tienda.

    No refund is made in money, cancellation of purchase order will be made as long as the product has not yet left our warehouse any situation that is presented by exchange or return must be notified by email to contacto@daubsupply.com sending description of the problem or reason for the return, photo in case of presenting factory failure, copy of your purchase order. To be able to apply a product return, you must have all its original labels and packaging, and it must be unused, likewise, without any visible defects caused, which will be for our consideration. The return shipping costs are borne by the consumer. If the product is returned by factory or manufacturing default, the shipping cost will be borne by the consumer, once the product has been analyzed by our team and determined that it was a factory failure, the return shipping cost can be reimbursed and will be changed the product for another of the same value. (Review warranty policies below).

    Please note that wear and tear and any loss is not covered by the warranty, the warranty does not apply when used in situations other than normal, when it is altered or repaired by unauthorized persons, when the product is present. physical damage from misuse or washing.
    The products only cover the warranty if it is purchased within our website please write us an email to contacto@daubsupply.com including the date of purchase, proof of purchase, a brief description of why the product returns.