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  • How long it takes to get my Shipment?

  • At the moment you make your purchase it takes 1 to 2 days in which your order is checked and sent. Depending on the package it takes 2 to 3 business days to arrive at your address.

  • Can I request a refund or return of the Garment?

  • There is no refund or product cancellations when the purchase has been made online, only the change of product is allowed, either due to nonconformity, wrong size etc.

  • Where do I get the Order Confirmation?

  • The orders arrive at the email you provided at the time of making your purchase, in case you have not received the order confirmation, contact us.

  • How to become an Authorized Distributor?

  • For more information on how to be a distributor send us an email to contacto@daubsupply.com